Prof. Dr. Hanaa HACHIMI

Hon’ble Board Member

IJBST Journal Group

Prof. Dr. Hanaa HACHIMI, Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, Department of Informatic, Logistic and Mathematics "ILM", GS Laboratory "LGS", BOSS Team, Ibn Tofail University, National School of Applied Sciences "UIT-ENSA", University Campus, PO Box 242, Kenitra, MOROCCO and Hon’ble Editorial Board Member, IJBST Journal Group

Prof. Dr. Hanaa Hachimi, Ph.D in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science and a Ph.D in Mechanics & Systems Reliability, Secretary General of Sultan Moulay Slimane University in Bni Melal. President of the Moroccan Society of Engineering Sciences and Technology (MSEST). She is Associate Professor at the Ibn Tofail University, in the National School of Applied Sciences ENSA in Kenitra and affiliated to the Systems Engineering Laboratory, precisely at the BOSS team Big Data, Optimization, Service and Security. She is responsible and coordinator of the courses: Operational Research, Graph Theory, Statistics, Probability, Reliability and Scientific Computing.