Dr. Merv Fingas

Hon'ble Board Member

IJBST Journal Group

Dr. Merv Fingas

Scientist, Spill Science Inc. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Hon'ble Editorial Board Member, IJBST Journal Group


§ Scientist at Spill Science since 2006

§ Research in oil spills and related phenomena

§ Has more than 900 papers in spill topics and 10 books

§ Chief of Research and Development, Emergency Sciences, Environment Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, 1990-2006

§ Research at Environment Canada, 1985-1990

§ PhD In Environmental Physics, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, 1996 thesis topic, the evaporation of oils and petroleum

§ MSc in Chemistry, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, thesis topic, Mass Spectrometry, Ionization in the gas phase, 1982

§ MBA, University of Ottawa, 1978

§ BSc in Chemistry, University of Alberta, Edmonton, 1974

Contact: fingasmerv@shaw.ca